We believe your brand is more (much more) than just a pretty logo.

That’s because your brand isn’t like everyone else’s. What you offer is singular. Unique. Unprecedented.

We also believe that no one knows your business quite like you do. After all, it’s the culmination of all the years you spent fierce and brave and determined, working towards a dream you refused to let die.

The problem is, you’ve experienced a certain amount of success, but you’re STILL not quite where you’d like to be. And frankly, you’re ready for more…

More impact, more customers, more revenue. Which is where we step in.

Here at The Creative Directive, we're on a mission to create brands and experiences that surprise and delight your customers.

We do that by aligning your brand with your values, creating an emotional connection, and delighting the senses.

We’ll have your customers singing your praises from the rooftops and coming back for more.


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Hi, I’m Danielle Gaboury. CEO & Founder here at The Creative Directive.

As one of the UK’s foremost brand elevation experts, I’m passionate about transforming established fashion and beauty businesses (like yours) into cult favorites

As one of the UK’s foremost brand elevation experts, I’m passionate about transforming boutique fashion &  beauty businesses (like yours) into cult favourites.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve brought some of the world’s biggest names to life as an award-winning creative director: from billion-dollar hair care and cosmetic brands like Pantene and Olay, to leading watch brand Tag Heuer and luxury fashion house Hugo Boss.

Now I’m devoted to helping boutique business owners who want to play a bigger game.

I do that by repositioning your brand for maximum impact so that you increase your perceived value and attract the attention of coveted retailers, influencers and high-value consumers.

Hire me as the creative director for your next rebrand or photoshoot, or book a Brand Experience Session where I’ll take you through the Customer Delight Method to help you find brilliant ways to give your customers the feels.

If you’re ready to unlock your brand’s fullest potential, click below to get started.


Core Values


We strive to create a joyful experience for our clients and their customers.  Whether it be clear communication, an easy process or a handwritten note placed in a client’s product packaging, we will create delight.


We aim to see, appreciate and create beauty in every we do.  


Our methods and processes are unique and are designed to create work that is innovative, emotional and inspiring.


We cultivate relationships that are collaborative, supportive, honest and kind.  We have great respect for our clients and the mountains they're trying to move.


We are our clients biggest cheerleaders and we empower them to be brave with their brand.  In turn, we do our utmost to make sure we’re being fearless in our creativity and communication.


We believe in trying our best to make the world a better place.  Whether it be through giving time, giving money, or just giving the best of ourselves.


We do the right thing.