5 Things Big Businesses Do That Can Help Your Small Business

Spending the first 15 years of my career working at a corporation for very large corporations I learned a lot about what big businesses do to keep the ship running on course. It wasn’t until I started my own business that I realized that some of these things were game changers when it came to small businesses as well.
Here are a few things you can do to turn your small business into a big one. 

1. Testing

Big businesses spend millions on testing. They test their offerings, their products, ideas, and advertising. They test everything. Testing can help you to understand the impact your work has on your consumer.
The one thing that's important to remember is that you need to do your testing with your target market. Otherwise, you'll just get opinions, and we all know what they say about opinions.

2. Planning

Large companies plan everything way in advance. They have their entire year planned out as well as each project.
Critical paths or timing plans are well, critical to keeping your business running smoothly. It keeps all of your team on track and even prevents those days when you just can't think of anything to post.
So get planning.

3. Outsourcing

Companies outsource, enough said. Big companies go to experts to help them with what's out of their knowledge base.
Trust me; I know it's hard to justify and afford to pay someone else to do things for you, but sometimes it's not about being able to figure it out. Sometimes paying an expert can save you money in the long run, keep your stress levels down and just do it better than you could yourself.

4. Process

Big businesses have processes for everything. From giving feedback to launching a new product, everything has defined steps.
Setting up processes and systems in your own business is an excellent way to take out the guess work and keep things organized.

5. Set Goals

Conglomerates have one year, three year and 5-year goals. Whether the goal is to increase revenue by 10% year on year or to sell the business after five years, they are always working towards something.
Having goals for your small business will keep you clear as to where your going and breaking down those goals into small steps will help you get there.
Here’re some resources that can help you to run your business like a well-oiled corporation.
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