How Putting the Brakes on the Hustle Changed My Business and My Life

These days it’s all about the hustle.  Busy has become a status symbol and if you’re not busy, you must not be successful.

I am a recovering busy person.  6 months ago, if you asked me how I was my answer would be “so busy, but good”  This busyness was overwhelming.  I was getting up at 5:30am and working until midnight, still cooking dinner and taking care of my daughter.  I was living and breathing the hustle and I kept waiting for it to pay off.

The reality was yes, I was hustling but I wasn’t slaying.  I was busy but I wasn’t productive.  I was living in the bubble of reaction andrunning in a hamster wheel on it’s way to nowhere.

This lifestyle, if you could call it that, came to a crescendo and I started to question everything.  I asked myself “If I was to die tomorrow, would I be proud of my busy-ness?”  “Would my last words be “Well at least I got shit done.” The answer was absolutely not.

So in February of 2016, my family and I stepped out of the hustle.  We moved from busy London to spacious Derbyshire.  We surrounded ourselves with green hills, and trees, and sheep.  Slowly, I began to breathe again.

My morning dog walk went from walking the busy London sidewalks to the hum of traffic, to long walks in the woods to the tune of songbirds; up hills and through sheep pastures.  Ideas started to flow. Creativity started to flourish and low and behold, slowing down and being less busy made me way more productive.

I began to work on things that mattered.  And because I had a new found realization of what was important, I started to put boundaries in place.  I realized missing that dog walk was non-negotiable.  So my day started at 9:30 instead of 7.  Sleep and time to think became less of a luxury and more of a necessity, so no more working until midnight.

Little by little, giving myself space and slowing down brought me more success and happiness than being busy ever did.

So give yourself some space.  Prioritize and know what’s important to you.  You may be surprised at the doors that open when you’re happy to close a few. 


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