Project Showcase: Silke London

We recently worked with Silke London to create the packaging and imagery for their new silk hair ties. Silke London is an incredible brand that believes in loving your hair which means taking true care of it.

Their silk hair ties are phenomenal because they don’t snag or tear out your hair, they have a strong grip, and they’re pretty damn cute.

When asked to create the packaging, we started to think about how hair ties are usually packaged. Most are wrapped around a card.  Once the card is ripped they end up being strewn all over the house, which is frustrating. 

So we came up with the idea of having packaging that you could keep and use as a central place to store your hair ties.  The packaging becomes functional beyond just opening it and throwing it away.

Because the form of this package didn’t already exist, we needed to have it made.  We sourced a vendor in China who would manufacture the tubes and inserts and we worked with them to bring the idea to life.

The second part of the project was creative directing the imagery.

We worked with photographer Paul Farrell to create images that were bold, colorful and playful.  In the end, we shot 3 models on 3 backgrounds with 6 hairstyles, 2 make-up looks, and 12 wardrobe changes.  It was a complicated puzzle to say the least but it was so much fun to put together.

To buy the Silke London hair ties or their infamous silk hair wraps, visit their online store here. Your hair will thank you for it.