On Being A #Girlboss

The hardest part of having my own business has been finding the inner strength to power through. I think a lot of women struggle with owning their own power. We're brought up being taught that “to be feminine” means being delicate or acting demure. But the reality is, “to be feminine” is to be truly strong. Strong for yourself. Strong for your family. And strong enough to inspire every girl and young woman in your life who looks up to you.

When I was thinking about the change I wanted to see in this world, it very clearly came to me that I want to see every woman and girl owning their strength. I want to see every little girl grow up knowing she is just as good, powerful, sturdy and stable as a man - and for her to never question otherwise.

Enough of the archetypal princess being saved by her prince. The new princess is smart and strong enough to save herself.


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