Give Your Customer the Feels

In this day and age, pummelling your target with tv and print just doesn’t cut it.  In fact, most are turned off by a narcissistic brand that only talks about them.  Me, me, me results in bye bye bye.

Instead, it’s best to add value.  How can you enhance your target's life beyond buying your product?  That’s how you create loyalty.  If it’s a packaged product, how can you elevate their experience at every touchpoint? You don’t just want them to buy your product you want to make them feel something.

Have you ever met a guy or girl who had the power to make you feel like the only person in the room?  They listened intently, remembered details; they were complimentary.  That’s how brands need to court their customers these days.  How can you make your client feel like you’re speaking to them directly?  Like you’re listening to their needs?  Like you completely understand them?  

We all want to feel special, loved, acknowledged.  What can you do for your customer today that makes them feel like that?   


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Danielle gabouryComment