Stop Being Your Own Roadblock

For me, the biggest obstacle in my way of success is myself.  Whether it be me finding reasons why X and Y won’t work, chickening out, or just not following up, I become my own roadblock.

I know I’m not alone and there have been countless books and articles written on the subject.

So why do we get in our own way? Maybe we're perfectionists, perhaps we're afraid of failing, or our self-doubt takes over and prevents us from ever living up to our true potential.

I was sitting with a friend last week, and we were chatting about her going freelance after years of working as a designer for a corporate company.  She’s talked about going freelance for years, romanticizing the freedom of being her own boss, being in control of her creativity and taking on clients that truly set her alight rather than working on the same account cranking out idea after idea.

If she were presenting a case to the court I would say hands down; this lady should quit her job and go out on her own.  She lights up when she talks about it.  

However, after she animatedly tells me how fantastic working for herself could be, she follows up with ten reasons why she hasn’t taken steps to move forward with her dream.

“I just don’t have the time to set up an Instagram account.”  “I need to do more research.” “I don’t want to step on the toes of the people I work for.” “I’ve got this big presentation coming up, and I need to focus on that first.”

This particular friend isn’t the only one I’ve experienced talking herself out of her dreams.  I’ve heard it countless times and to be honest; I’ve listened to myself do it.  Like an out of body experience, I witness myself making up excuse after excuse about why I can’t move forward.

Why do we become our own roadblock?  How many dreams have been unrealised because we do this to ourselves?  Are successful people just the ones who drive through the barrier regardless of all of the warning signs?  

Getting out of your own way can be the most liberating (and uncomfortable) thing you’ll ever do, and it doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it.

So try to notice when you’re just making excuses, step aside and let all the great things happen.