Are You Leaving Money on the Table? Why you Need to Invest in Brand Photography

Imagery is everything.

I’ll say that again: imagery is everything. You can have an amazing product, a beautiful website and a logo that turns heads but if you use cheesy stock photography or take your own amateur product photos you could be leaving money on the table.

Here's why:

Your online customer can’t touch or feel your product

They need the best representation of your product as possible, and this will lead to more sales and fewer returns.  You want your customer to look at your product and say “I want that in my life.”


You can charge higher prices

Your product, your website, and your brand will look more premium with great imagery and can therefore, command a higher price.


You’ll gain more recognition on social media

Stand out photography is disruptive and engaging. It will leave your social following in awe and ready for more.


Excellent photography shows your customer who you are

Sometimes the problem with free stock photography is that you’re telling the world you’re just like everyone else.  More often than not, you’re also telling them you’re a bit cheap and dare I say slightly cheesy.  

The imagery you use for your brand should be aspirational

A brand manager I used to work with on Olay used to call this appetite appeal.  She wanted all of the product images to be what she called “delicious.”  So good, you wanted to eat the product - even though a bottle of body wash wouldn’t be all that tasty!

Decent photography doesn't need to cost the earth

So hopefully, I’ve made my case.  Investing in good brand photography will help your business and brand tenfold.  That said, I don’t expect you to run out and hire a photographer for thousands of dollars.  There are some stock sites out there that have premium looking imagery for an affordable price.  Some of them are even free.

Here are some of my favorite stock sites that have curated a premium aesthetic at an affordable price:

As for product photography, invest in a professional photographer to have your product represented in the best light possible.  There are a few companies where you send them your product, and they take the pics for you without you having to be there.  These types of photo studios have worked for many of my beauty brand clients.

The Packshot Factory is tried and tested but here's a few more that look good...


If you’re looking for lifestyle photography that wows, search for photographers in your area.  Does their portfolio align with your brand look and feel? Does it evoke emotion?  Does the light quality look premium?  Do they capture a range of expression beyond the Cheshire cat smile?  Then go for it!

In conclusion, photography is a great investment for your brand.  It tells your unique story, creates a mood, shows your products as accurately as possible and can have a significant ROI.

If you’re looking to upgrade your photography, but you’re still not sure where to start, get in touch.