Creating Delight: The Ultimate Way to Engage Your Customers

These days, a customer’s entire experience with your brand can take place behind a computer screen. Because of this, we need to go above and beyond digital and create off-line experiences for our customers that evoke emotion and engage the senses.

15 years ago, I stayed at the Four Seasons in LA for a photoshoot. The hotel was lovely but I couldn’t tell you a thing about the room I stayed in. I’m sure the bed was comfortable and the room service menu was superb, but to be honest, none of these things made much of an impression on me.

Yet there is something I remember that makes me bring up this hotel still to this day. Every staff member I came into contact with, from the concierge to a maintenance guy in the elevator, greeted me as Ms. Gaboury and pronounced it correctly.

I was surprised, delighted and stunned.  No one can pronounce my last name!

This made me a true believer in the power of great brand experience.  Get it right and you’ll have brand advocates coming out your ears.

The best brand experiences are a blend of your brand values, emotion and the 5 senses. 

TCD_Brand Experience model

So what steps can you take to create a brand experience that delights?

1. Know your customer

What delights a single 24-year-old female, who loves cosmetics and going out with her friends will not have the same impact on a married 55-year-old male, who is into cars and sports.  Knowing your customer helps to make the experience feel more personal.

2. Know yourself

Your company values are key to strong branding. Let’s say your company values are product performance, knowledge and innovation. Surprising your customer with glitter packaging will be a disconnect.  Make sure the brand experience you’re creating is in alignment with your brand’s values.

3. Map out your touchpoints

This will help you to see where a great experience will create the most value.

4. Engage the senses

In a digital world, it’s easy to forget that your customer experiences your brand through all of their senses. The ability to engage more than your customer's sense of sight will make for a much richer experience.

5. Make your customer feel something

How can you create an emotional connection with your customer? Think about how you want your client to feel when they’re experiencing your brand at a certain touchpoint.

6. Brainstorm and Implement Ideas

Choose a touchpoint where you feel a delightful brand experience will have the most impact. Then brainstorm ideas as to what you can do for your customer that blends your chosen brand value, the emotion you’d like your customer to feel and which senses you’d like to engage.  Have fun here!

Once you’re done, choose your favorites and implement.

When you create a positive and unique experience for your customer they’ll sing your praises. They’ll post, tag, and gossip about you, all in a good way and this will have new customer’s beating down your door.

So what are you doing to surprise and delight your client?  How are you engaging their senses?

It’s time to make them shout your name from the rooftops!


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