Hush Puppies SS16 Case Study



Since 1958, Hush Puppies has built its reputation as the world’s most trusted line of casual-meets-comfortable footwear. Today, Hush Puppies sells over 17 million pairs of shoes across 165 countries worldwide.


Although Hush Puppies shot a full-scale lifestyle campaign for its Spring/Summer 2016 campaign titled, “Life Is…”, the brand encountered region-specific challenges throughout the UK, as some shoes were either available in some markets but not others, or not sold by wholesalers altogether.  The brand needed a way to insert UK-specific product photography that looked and felt consistent with the rest of its global campaign.


To retain the integrity and creativity of the original “Life Is…” campaign, Hush Puppies engaged me at The Upper Story to direct photography efforts so that the brand's UK products would work in sync with the rest of the campaign's aesthetic. With the styled props and the appropriate footwear, I orchestrated a team of creatives as we told a lifestyle story and designed a stylish seasonal Lookbook about Hush Puppies’ three most important hallmarks: comfort, self-expression, and style for men, women, and children.


To re-establish and reinvent itself as a legacy brand with a contemporary aesthetic, Hush Puppies has turned to engaging the press and fashion industry. Through our collaboration for its Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook, Hush Puppies was able to inform about its products, immerse readers in its lifestyle, and educate customers about its availability. Since launching, the Lookbook has been a staple in the brand’s efforts to drive brand engagement and press coverage. While the images we shot were part of a UK initiative, Hush Puppies loved them so much that they were used globally.