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You have a fashion or beauty brand you’re incredibly proud of - one you’ve invested your time, money, heart and soul into.

You’re a lady boss - in every sense of the word - but the problem is, you’ve hit a plateau. You know you’re capable of more, so the question is: Why are you still struggling? Why aren’t you seeing the kind of revenue growth you want? And why can’t you seem to attract the attention you deserve?

Hi, I’m Creative Directive founder Danielle Gaboury - and I’ve worked with enough small business owners to recognize that “fire-in-the-eyes” look when I see it.

That refusal to give up - even when things get tough. Which is why, despite the fact that I’ve racked up years positioning multi-billion-dollar brands, it’s YOU I want to help now. I launched The Creative Directive because I know your business has potential.

And I know you do, too.



Our Process



1. Meet & Greet

We’ll schedule a 20-minute call where we’ll discuss your project scope and pricing.

2. Deep Dive

You know your brand has a ton of potential, but you’re not entirely clear on how that translates to your business. This Discovery process will help you figure out how to bridge the gap between your vision and your visual identity so that you can show up in the way you always intended.

An in-depth questionnaire will prompt you to answer questions specific to your brand goals and messaging.  We’ll also schedule a 90-minute call, during which we’ll go deep; getting clear on your objectives, target audience, offer, and your competitors.

3. Moodboard

Your moodboard will not only establish how your brand should look and feel, but also facilitate collaborative partnerships - and save you time, money and energy in the future.

4. Design

Following the approval of the moodboard we’ll start the design process. While it’s true that you’re “not just a pretty logo,” your logo still tells a powerful story. We’ll make sure the story your logo is telling is the right one.

5. Implementation

Once you’ve signed off on the design direction that feels right to you, we’ll get to work building out your brand.  


After all of the revisions are complete and the work is approved your final files will be delivered in jpg, eps, png, and png transparent formats. This also includes a wrap up call to answer any questions you might have.



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