You have a fashion or beauty brand you’re incredibly proud of - one you’ve invested your time, money, heart and soul into.

You’re a lady boss - in every sense of the word - but the problem is, you’ve hit a plateau. You know you’re capable of more, so the question is: Why are you still struggling? Why aren’t you seeing the kind of revenue growth you want? And why can’t you seem to attract the attention you deserve?

Hi, I’m Creative Directive founder Danielle Gaboury - and I’ve worked with enough small business owners to recognize that “fire-in-the-eyes” look when I see it.

That refusal to give up - even when things get tough. Which is why, despite the fact that I’ve racked up years positioning multi-billion-dollar brands, it’s YOU I want to help now. I launched The Creative Directive because I know your business has potential.

And I know you do, too.



Brand Experience Session

Give Your Customer The Feels


How can you elevate your customer’s experience at every touchpoint?  How can you create surprise and delight?  You need to make them feel something.  

Consider this the roadmap to giving your customer the feels.


90 Minute Brand Experience Session

Customer Delight Deck which includes your touchpoint map and ideas of how you can elevate your brand and create loyalty throughout your customer’s brand experience





Art Direction

A picture speaks louder than words

Getting photos taken to represent your brand is about more than just showing up with your product or a model and hoping the photographer will create something magical. You need to think about the elements that will pull everything together and align with your brand’s strategy.

With 18+ years of experience creative directing photo and televison campaigns for the likes of HUGO BOSS, Olay and Silke London, Danielle will help you create stunning imagery that will increase your reach and allow you to reap the rewards of having more fans, repeat business and a stellar reputation.


Photoshoot Look + Feel Deck includes Visual concept and Moodboards for Setting, Styling, Lighting, Angles, and props.  

Additionally, we can fully produce and run your photoshoot If you’d like to bring the deck to life.



Like what you see?


The Brandsformation

Your brand identity can either hold you back or move you forward. Which will you choose?

A brand transformation for anyone whose business is ready for explosive growth. Because there’s more (so much more) to building a brand than than simply looking pretty.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Website Launch Toolkit*

Brand Guidelines

Brand Experience Strategy

Product Packaging

Creative Direction for Brand Photography (Lifestyle, Product or Editorial)

Content Direction

*The toolkit includes visual direction through a moodboard that can direct the look and feel or your website.  If you want to bring this direction to life we can put you in touch with one of our trusted web design / development partners.


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