Silke London Case Study



London-based brand SILKE is on a mission to help women everywhere love their natural hair – not just some days, but every day. A hair wrap designed to be worn in bed, SILKE’s 100% real silk wrap protects all hair types from nighttime friction that causes unruly frizz, breakage, and split ends. Designed in collaboration with hair wrap designers known for their work at such fashion houses as Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior, SILKE’s hair wraps are a couture solution to a common haircare annoyance.


In 2014, SILKE called on Danielle at The Upper Story to build its brand from the ground up and to convince women that hair wraps were part of a chic nighttime hair care regimen rather than a grandmotherly habit.


From brand identity to messaging, photo shoots to packaging, web design to launch strategy, I worked directly with SILKE’s founder, Maria, to help her enter the mindset of her dream customer before designing an entire experience around her every need. By speaking to the obstacles that women universally face when wrangling their hair come nighttime, SILKE emerged as a haut new intuitive and in-demand brand designed for women who value their hairstyles and hair strength.


In April 2016, SILKE launched its inaugural product line and online presence. The brand continues to unveil new products including Silke Hair Bands, coming in September 2016, which I also designed custom packaging for.